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Bella Mia Logo

In the heart of Copparo, Italy, lies Bella Mia Beauty and Nail Salon, a testament to the long-awaited realization of a dream.


Collaborating with #IL GRAFICO, the talented Graphic Designer behind the salon has crafted a truly unique and captivating image that effortlessly blends professionalism with a warm and friendly atmosphere.


With an unwavering passion for their craft, these dedicated individuals have brought their love for their work to life, creating a haven where beauty meets expertise.


Bella Mia stands as a testament to their commitment, offering a professional yet inviting space where clients are welcomed with open arms and leave feeling pampered and radiant.

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Bella Mia Glass Sign
Barber's Pole
Berbernica Garasanin Logo Original


Berbernica Garasanin Garasanin Face Logo


Welcome to Berbernica Garasanin, your neighborhood haven in the heart of one of the most famous streets of Belgrade, Serbia from where the name comes. 


Our barbershop is not just a place for grooming, but a vibrant hub where you can fix your looks, sip excellent Italian coffee and catch up with friends from the hood.


Crafted with love by #Il Grafico, a talented local who also grew up on these streets, our brand reflects the unique spirit of our community.


Step inside and experience the warmth, style, and fellowship that make Berbernica Garasanin a true home for all.

Aspire & Grow Logo

Founded by Andrew Thomas, a man dedicated to helping individuals unleash their true potential and achieve remarkable growth.

His mission is to empower you to discover your "superpower" and make your dreams a reality.  Whether it's advancing your career, growing your business, improving your health and fitness, or finding clarity in what truly matters to you, Andrew is there here to support you every step of the way. 


Join Aspire and Grow on this transformative journey of self-discovery and growth. Together, we will unlock your full potential and create a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

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Sister Project Logo

Sister Project Incorporated is a not-for-profit social enterprise, based in Ellenbrook, Perth.

Through connection, skill-sharing, and entrepreneurship, our mission is to support and empower women from diverse backgrounds to improve their confidence, mental and physical wellbeing and help create a sense of belonging.  We meet weekly and hold English classes and workshops where women can teach and learn new skills. We also have regular visits from 'experts'  who can connect us to their services and we actively assist women to look for work or set up their own businesses.

All Hands In
Sister Project White Monochromatic Logo
Girl in Therapy
Aspire and Grow Therapy Services Logo Original
Aspire and Grow Therapy Services Logo

A purpose-centered organization focused on providing client and therapist with autonomy and support with equal measure enabling improved therapeutic outcomes.


Aspire & Grow Therapy Services was born from the vision, and belief that a collective of passionate, skilled focused, and independent Allied Health Professionals solely focused on client goals, not company targets will always achieve far more than the traditional company approach.

Quick Shine Logo

Welcome to Quick Shine, Belgrade's premium Furniture Washing and Car Detailing company.


Our dedication to excellence and #IL GRAFICO's innovative touch have left a lasting impression, making us the preferred choice for customers seeking unparalleled results. His visionary approach and creative prowess have been instrumental in shaping Quick Shine's distinctive identity, from our logo and branding to our website and marketing materials.


Discover the Quick Shine experience today and see why we're transforming furniture cleaning in Serbia.

Eat Rite Logo

We want to help our children learn important life skills and empower them to contribute towards their sporting lifestyle.


We also identified the opportunity to help our wider sporting community by enabling our young athletes and their families to work with us at events and put the profits towards their sporting trips or registration fees.

EAT=RITE aims to support and develop young athletes by providing work opportunities to assist in fundraising for their sporting endeavors.

We empower our young athletes to become active members of our community and build their resilience ready for post-school life.

Rising Ground Sunflower Logo

Welcome to Rising Ground Health Care Services.


We provide NDIS disability services, home care, and mental health services. With over 10 years of experience in supporting people with a wide range of support needs, we are the most trusted organization in Western Australia. No matter what your needs are, we can offer you the most flexible and tailored support. At Rising Ground, every client receives personal-centered support tailored to their individual needs. 


No matter what your level of ability, you can trust us to respect the decisions you make. You can trust us to put your choices first, every time

Logo EPTS Original Color

Our story began in 2018 in the outback town of Newman, Western Australia with a vision of offering quality training and supervision

to isolated NDIS support workers to enable them to transform the inner lives of traumatized, psychosocially impaired clients.


We soon realized that the need was much wider than we had anticipated. As the phone rang and the training took off, we chose to adapt.  Why? Because relationship, community, and helping people discover themselves are what drives what we do.

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